Research Works

ISSN-print: 2073-8730

About the journal «Research Works»

The Collection of «RESEARCH WORKS» is a scientific and theoretical journal publishing results of the latest scientific research works of theoretical, experimental and practical importance, as well as topical articles and reports on achievements, scientific trends and schools of ONAFT.

The Collection is addressed to scientists, engineers, managers of research organizations and industrial enterprises, doctoral stu-dents, graduate students and applicants for academic degrees and academic titles, teachers and senior students of technical universities.

The Collection was registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine: Certificate of the state registration of printed mass media, series KB No. 12577-1461PR from .

The «Research works» journal is included in the list of specialized professional publications, in which results of master's and doctoral dissertations can be published (List of scientific professional editions of Ukraine, which can be published results of dissertations for academic degrees of doctor and candidate of № 693. Date of inclusion -, updated .).

Journal assigned to International number of scientific periodicalsISSN 2073-8730 (Print).

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Journal «RESEARCH WORKS» is open for access to the main-Manual discharge Library of Ukraine – National Library of Ukraine Vernadsky National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (

Topics of the journal:

  • Improvement of technological processes of food and grain processing industries of agro-industrial complexes:
    • Actual problems of grain processing, animal feed, bakery, confectionery and food industries;
    • New technical and technological solutions in processing of food materials.
  • Topical problems of the grain storage technology, grain production, bakery, confectionary, animal feed and biofuels:
    • New in technology, equipment, quality control, automation of companies and grain-elevators, flour, cereal, baking and feed factories, confectioneries.
  • Development of new food products from non-traditional raw materials:
    • Biotechnological aspects of food production;
    • Development of preventive nutrition products technologies;
    • Innovative technology of restaurant products.
  • Creation of new technologies for the production of safe food and determination of the evaluation criteria:
    • New grain, feed and food products and bakery products;
    • Problems of quality, nutritional value and safety of respective industries products in terms of Ukraine's accession to the WTO;
    • Problems of harmonization of national Ukraine standards with international ones;
    • Modern methods of control, standardization and certification of raw materials and foods;
    • Modern methods of control, standardization and certification of raw materials and foods;
    • Scientific and methodological problems of water quality management as a factor in food safety and stability of the food production.
  • Creation of new high-efficiency equipment, automation of production processes of food and grain processing industries:
    • Energy-efficient processes and equipment for food production;
    • Intelligent process control systems in food and grain industries.
  • Combined processes and nanotechnologies in agriculture, new low-energy consuming food technol-ogies and products, energy efficiency and environmental safety.
  • Socio-economic problems of the market relations development at enterprises of food and grain in-dustries:
    • Economic aspects and effectiveness of innovation and investment development of food production enterprises;
    • Economics and management of enterprises;
    • Staffing and scientific support of grain and food technologies.

Publisher: Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies.

Support: Coordinating Centre of Scientific Journals' Publishing ONAFT.