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On the website of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine there was an updated list of scientific professional editions of Ukraine, where the results of dissertations for the scientific degrees of the doctor and candidate of sciences (PhD) can be published. By June 18, 2018, four publications of "Categories A, 2 editions of category "B" and 1701 issues of "Categories B" of printed scientific professional editions, in which the results of dissertations for the scientific degrees of a doctor and a candidate of sciences may be published.


Dear colleagues, I remind you that before posting a scientific quantity in kyivpost, which is included in the sciencemetric databases of Scopus and Web of Science necessary to check it (publications) availability in these databases in the first queue by issn numbers!!!!

There are many reports about affairs whith scientists stripes in MES was found that some scienticts posting their scientific results in the "Fake" journals.

Basic material here:


Dear colleagues, the official website of monu can already find orders about the approval of the decisions of the atestacíjnoí̈ court, which are the first lists of printed (Electronic) Periodic publications that are included in the listing of scientific fahovih publications of Ukraine

So we can find out about the first magazines in the categories of " a ", " b " and " in "c" 

AGRIS (Agricultural Research Information System) Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Colleagues, we have received the final confirmation of acceptance of the following scientific journals #ONAFT to the Agris (Agricultural Research Information System) AGRIS (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)):

1. "Food Science and Technology" 
2. "Scientific works"
3. "Grain Products and Mixed Fodder's" 
4. "Food Industry Economics" 
5. "Refrigeration Engineering and Technology" 

Congratulations to all the collectives of the editorial boards, reviewers of the authors and the entire team ONAFT !!!

For reference:
AGRIS (Agricultural Research Information System) - International Information System for Agriculture and Allied Industries - was established in 1974. The project resource is part of the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) access by email at

Access to Scopus

Tere was published a full list of institutions that receive access to Scopus and Web of Science (order MOS no. 1286 from 19.09.2017):

Odessa National Academy of food technologies received access to sciensenetricks database Scopus!

It's strange to understand another, by the previous arrangement #censcionaft and outreach scopus, #onaht had to get a test access from 1 October 2017 Most of the colleagues have already been informed, but the broad is not that it  working points were discussed.

Now we don't have information or will be given us test access to scopus when it starts and how subscription access is organized.

Please treat with understanding to the situation.